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Staying Current in the Rapidly Changing World of Technology

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Technology is changing fast. There are new and changing operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Chrome, and Linux. Companies are introducing new devices, tablets, phones, phablets (phones with screen sizes similar in size to those of tablets). All of these changes will impact your business, either directly or indirectly. So, ask yourself: 

How can I leverage technology changes in my organization and how does MyTAXPrepOffice help?

We leverage the power of industry giants like Google and Mozilla by writing our software for internet browsers, not for operating systems. MyTAXPrepOffice is built on browser technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and javascript which are the core technologies of internet browsers.


When a company introduces a new computer or a new operating system, you can bet that Google and Mozilla will develop a version of their browser for it. The result of all this effort is that MyTAXPrepOffice is ready to be used on new computers and new operating systems, as soon as one of those tech industry giants releases a browser for it. By subscribing to MyTAXPrepOffice, you’ll be positioned to quickly take advantage of those future changes.