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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an EFIN or PTIN to use MyTAXPrepOffice™?

MyTAXPrepOffice™ requires an EFIN to e-file a return. You may prepare paper returns while you wait to receive your EFIN. All paid preparers who electronically file returns are required to have a PTIN. Information on how to receive your EFIN or PTIN can be found at


How can I get a demo of your software?

We are an online software, so our demo is our software. If you'd like to try our software, click here. Follow the instructions on the page to create a free account where you can evaluate our software.


I like the software, how can I subscribe?

There are a number of ways you can access your subscription management. The first thing you need to do is Log In Once logged in you can click "Change Subscription" in the "Your Firm" pane. There you will be guided through our order processing wizard where you can select the package that fits your business needs, select your add-ons and enter your payment information.


How do you keep my data secure?

We take data security as serious as you do. It is part of any good defense strategy not to reveal details about the techniques employed. We can say that we have a well-trained specialized team that deals with the security of your data. We use state of the art methods to prevent any unauthorized access to your data. When we talk unauthorized access we mean both physically and electronically. We implement all recommendations from the IRS and the payment card industry (PCI). Our security is regularly tested and verified by qualified auditing companies.


To ensure your business keeps running smoothly, we use the same technologies that industry giants like PayPal use. Instead of relying on individual servers, we use server clusters which ensure that at any point in time multiple copies of your clients' returns exist on different physical servers. In the unlikely event of a server failure there is no data loss, and no interruption to your business. Additionally, we employ a multi-generation backup system, where each saved return is backed-up every 15 minutes.


Lastly, like the IRS, banks, and other financial institutions when you are using our software, all data exchanges between your computers and our servers are encrypted to ensure your clients' private information remains private.

How many returns can I prepare, and do I have to pay to e-file my clients' returns?

Our annual licence include unlimited tax preparation and unlimited e-file at no additional cost.


I tried to register and didn't get my registration e-mail.

The first thing to do, is look in your email programs spam folder. If you don't find it in your spam folder, and you are using Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, your internet service provider may have blocked it for you. If they provide you a web interface, we suggest you check the spam folder there. If that doesn't work, you can go to the registration page and have the email resent to you. If you still don't receive the registration email, you may need to contact your email provider and ask that mail from MyTAXPrepOffice™ be allowed through.


How can I prepare returns at a clients when they don't have Wi-Fi?

MyTAXPrepOffice™ now works in offline mode as well. Our Offline Mode ensures that you can continue working within the application as if you were still connected to the Internet with all of your forms and client data.

The big difference with Offline Mode is that your data is backed up and cached locally on your computer so that you do not experience the dreaded interruptions of those internet glitches. Have no fear, whenever you are back online, your data that was cached to your computer is automatically uploaded to the cloud and synchronized seamlessly.