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Individual Returns

MyTAXPrepOffice™ is designed for offices that prepare a high volume of individual tax returns. We make sure the features you need to complete and file accurate returns quickly are included in our professional preparation solution:

  • Input forms match the layout and flow of federal and state forms
  • Alternative Interview Mode data entry
  • Color coding is used throughout the form which allows the required fields for electronic filing to be prominently highlighted for ease of use.
  • Review of the return alerts the tax professional of additional requirements or quick reminders
  • Quick Return Summary option to review status of multiple returns without exiting a current return

All of our Individual Packages include:

  • Federal 1040 forms and schedules (Some that aren't available in competitors' software)
  • All states with a filing requirement
  • FREE electronic filing of federal and state returns
  • FREE software conversions
  • Support of multi-state preparation and electronic filing
  • NO Network Fees
  • Unlimited Package Available for Multiple Offices
  • Integrated Bank Products and Revenue Options


MyTAXPrepOffice™ fully supports any tax professional looking for a solution that can grow with their practice!