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Head-to-Head Product Comparison 


How does MyTAXPrepOffice™ stack up against the competition? Really well, we think. But, seeing is believing so have a look. You’ll find that we have all the features you’ve come to expect, plus some exclusive ones like our Customizable “Performance at a Glance” Dashboard, Preset EIN Database - all for less, a lot less.


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 Head-to-Head Product Comparison









Business Modules Included with all States  

Lowest Cost for Bank Products* 

ONLY $15  


Price Comparison 









Customizable “performance at a glance” Dashboard  

Prior Years/Current Year in same


Preset EIN Database  

Easy interview mode 

Refund Monitor   

Forms-Based Input 

No-Hold Return Transmission to IRS

via Modernized E-File   


Unlimited states per return  

ALL States Included  

Multi-Office Management 

FREE Mobility; access your files wherever there is an Internet connection  

FREE OFF-Line Mode  

NO Installation Required 

100% web-based (online) 

Back-up and restore   


24/7 Seasonal Support   


Audit Allies  

Audit Protection and

Identity Theft Program   

Bank Products  

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