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2017 CPA Practice Advisor Review

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My TAXPrep Office from Advanced Tax Solutions is a good fit for tax preparation sites that process a high number of fairly straight forward individual and business tax returns. Ideal for firms or preparers with multiple locations, My TAXPrep Office offers unlimited federal and state e-filing.

My TAXPrep Office is an online application that can be access[sic] from a desktop system, as well as laptop, tablet, smartphone, Mac or PC. The product offers a completely customizable dashboard that features performance indicators, real time status of both Federal and State returns, status of bank applications, an appointment/calendar feature, and a list of to-do items. The product offers two data entry options, the standard tax form entry, and the option to use the new Interview Mode feature, which allows even non-tax staff to quickly enter data, ensuring that all pertinent questions are asked and answered while preparing the return.

Standard data entry is designed to be efficient, with data entered directly into the form being processed, with all pertinent data flowing directly into related state forms or schedules as needed.


Perfect for firms with multiple offices, firm administrators can easily view the status of other offices, and can even establish permissions for each office if desired.

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My TAXPrep Office supports Federal 1040 forms and schedules including all states with a filing requirement, and also supports federal forms 1120, 1120s, 1065, 1041, and 990 forms and schedules. Multi-state preparation is also available in My TAXPrep Office. The product offers a toolbox that provides a variety of resources including a customizable client organizer, a client letter template, a print packets option, and access to a Signature Pad app for easy electronic form signing.

My TAXPrep Office offers unlimited e-filing capability, with users able to easily track all e-filed transmissions, both for federal and state e-filing. The system will also provide users with the number of accepted and rejected forms.