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Bank Product Savings Calculator*

In addition to free unlimited federal and state e-filing, free Signature Pad App, and the ability to easily set up multiple offices with no networking costs, MyTAXPrepOffice can save you thousands of dollars a year in bank product fees. Other tax software companies often charge additional technology and service fees, but with MyTAXPrepOffice you pay a transmission fee of only $15 per return. There are NO hidden fees.  


Converting is easy using our Conversion Wizard and our expert support team is standing by to answer all your conversion questions.  


Use the Savings Calculator below and see what you can save by switching to MyTAXPrepOffice for the upcoming tax season.



Savings Calculator*

Number of Bank Products 

Current Transmission Fee  

Current Service Bureau Fee  

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Additional Fees 

Cost with your current software:

Total SAVINGS with MyTAXPrepOffice  



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MyTAXPrepOffice partners with multiple financial institutions ensuring you and your client have optimal bank product options available.