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Let Us Introduce Our Advance Products

Competition in the market place is fierce, so give your business an edge with one of the Advance Products offered by MyTAXPrepOffice™

and its affiliates. These options are both integrated into the software, and you can select the solution that best suits your business.


MyTAXPrepOffice™ has partnered with Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) to help fuel your office’s growth with free advance for your clients. PreFUND gives taxpayers access to cash before the IRS can release it – providing help for those that need it most.


Offer your clients a FREE Advance at tax time up to $600* at no additonal cost to the taxpayer. And, no checks or check cashing fees either. Money is loaded onto a Green Dot Tax Time Edition Prepaid Card with over 24,000 free ATMs and no monthly fee for 30 days after card activation.Click here for more information about TPG.


Enjoy more satisfied clients with high approval rates and fast advance approvals made after receiving IRS acknowledgement.


FREE ADVANCE for your Clients at Tax Time up to $600.



Nationwide Program



High Approval Rates



Low Cost to ERO



No Additional Hardware Needed


*PreFUND is a registered trademark of TPG. PreFUND provided by 1st Money Center, Inc., a company not affiliated with TPG. Separate fees apply if the taxpayer selects a Refund Transfer, which is not required for PreFUND. Up to $600 free to customers. Program not available in Illinois.


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No Additional Cost to the Taxpayer

  • Attract clients with an advance that’s completely free for your clients* 


National Program 

  • This robust program is accommodating clients nationwide*

Available through February

  • Advances available first day of filing through the end of February

* Not available in Illinois


Only Pay for Approved Advances


As a service to your valued customers, you only pay the lender a fee for every approved advance. 


The applicable fees are then conveniently withheld from from your preparation fees.