Integrated Bank Products


Fast data entry and smooth data flow make doing bank products simple. 


Lowest bank product fee in the industry to increase your bottom line.


Choose from three financial partners with integrated applications.

Add money to your bottom line

Bank products are a quick and easy way to add revenue to your tax season, while giving your customers the option to pay tax preparation fees with their refund.

MyTAXPrepOffice has the LOWEST BANK PRODUCT FEES in the industry. With us, your client pays only a $15 transmission fee per funded bank product*. To make additional revenue, you can increase your transmission fee up to $99. 

Our bank products are integrated within the program, allowing fast data entry and smooth data flow within the bank product forms. By offering bank products, you can attract new clients with additional service offerings, maintain a competitive edge in the market, and assure you receive your money by having your customers’ fees paid to you directly from their refunds.

*NOTE: Customers in CT, IL, ME, or NY, please call 307.414.1211 for details on bank product fees in your state.

Our Financial Partners

We partner with three major financial institutions.

TPG offers tax-related financial products through a network of tax preparation franchises, independent tax professionals and online tax preparation providers.

Focused on the independent ERO, Refund Advantage offers taxpayer advance loans, ERO business advances, and incentive programs.

EPS offers your tax office refund transfers, taxpayer refund advances, and additional loans with three programs of your choice. No marketing fees with e-Advance Program.

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