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Integrated Bank Products

MyTAXPrepOffice™ provides everything you need to offer bank products, a popular and easy way to add revenue to your tax season, while giving your customers options to pay fees with their refund. MyTAXPrepOffice™ charges only $15 for each return that includes a fully funded bank product.  No other fees will be charged by MyTAXPrepOffice for e-filing a return. 

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EPS Financial is the Complete Payments Processor for tax professionals, providing a suite of à la carte cost-effective solutions for all tax office financial transactions. Offering the lowest cost refund transfer programs, taxpayer refund advances, ERO loans, as well as seasonally-priced credit and debit card processing. Our industry-leading systems, award-winning customer support, and business reporting tools will empower your office with the best payment solutions platform in the industry. 


At Refund Advantage, our management team has been industry leaders in the tax refund product business since 1989, which means you have experience you can trust on your side during tax season. We work exclusively with independent EROs, where you are our priority. We are committed to providing you and your customers the best refund product experience possible. Our focus is personalized service, with state-of-the-art technology providing customizable reports, powerful marketing tools, personalized client retention postcards, extensive taxpayer support options, affordable check cashing, and many other solutions to help grow your business and compete with the national chains. Choose from our tax refund product programs and experience the advantage of Refund Advantage!

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Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) was established in 2010 upon purchasing the Tax Products Group of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust. Building on a legacy of over 20 years of industry leadership, TPG, in cooperation with its banking partners, offers quality financial products to the e-file industry that satisfy consumers' needs, are priced fairly and provide true value. TPG has established a reputation for superior customer service and product reliability by investing in long-term relationships and providing tax professionals with a program to help retain and grow business for years to come.

TPG offers PreFund which is a free advance for taxpayers up to $750.00 cash. This advance gives taxpayers access to cash before the IRS can release it.

Navigator Financial Products was founded by industry experts who offer over 75 combined years of tax and financial services experience. Their leadership team has built tax businesses, developed and driven some of the most innovative products—from bank product solutions to tax refund disbursement options—designed to help entrepreneurial tax professionals grow their business and improve client retention.

Navigator’s focus is to serve the Tax Professionals of America. With no minimum volume requirements, through iChoice - a tiered approach to Refund products including the new Refund Advance, and a no-cost option for your customers.  Generous rebate options and with easy integration, you get mature reporting tools, marketing tools, and relationships for affordable check cashing.  Make Navigator your choice!

With integrated bank products in the program, you can rest assured that the same care is taken to ensure fast data entry and data flow within the bank product forms as with the other federal and state forms.

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